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Top Shots Photography

Top Shots Photography is a family business, owned and operated by John and Maria Weninger. It has been providing quality photography and customer service in Melbourne and around Australia for 20 years now.






Note: A huge thank you and credit to John Weninger for the awesome

business photography shoot some of which photographs are featured

here on my site


"Bravo and Thank You" John.


Contact: John Weninger


Yoga Online

Visit the yoga site. There are a couple of really cool downloadable FREE Yoga DVD'S, Yes.. completely Complimentary!

Kazbah Designs

Kazbah Designs are all unique designs, no two pieces are the same.. (unless requested!) Melbourne, Australia.


As everyone really already has what they need.. a colourful, inpsirational and functional personalised Handpainted Glass Water Bottle could be the prefect present for your special people in your life..corporate gifts.. thank you's, wedding's, engagements, special events.. to give someone a smile when they see it, use it and they will think of you everytime :-)


Contact: Karen Field

Owner/Designer Kasbah Designs

Mobile: 0407639817

Facebook Page: (click here for Kasbah Designs



“The Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.”
Lao Tzu
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