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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Just like humans and animals, Mother Earth has her own chakras, or energy centers.

Chakras are circular vortexes of energy that spin in a clockwise direction when balanced.

On humans and animals, these seven chakras are vertically aligned and begin at the base of the spine, moving upward to the crown of the head.

On Mother Earth, these seven chakras are horizontally aligned and move around her land in a spiral pattern.

(This video "Earth's Chakra's" was created by Nicole Allan and the divine music featured is a beautiful mantra "Jai Radha Madhav" by Deva Premal - from her album "Love Is Space")

When you start looking into the nature of this Universe and the Earth, you will start to see how everything is a mirror. Within us is a Universe, around us is a Universe and we are all connected.

We are connected to Mother Earth through the subtle electrical current that runs around the entire planet. These electrical currents are known as “Ley Lines” and are almost like Mother Earth’s veins.

Just like we have veins that flow in and out of the heart, Mother Earth has Ley Lines, which are lines of energy that coil around the earth in a similar fashion as a strand of DNA.

In fact, where the Ley Lines intersect are believed to be high points of energy or high concentrations of electrical charge.

These Ley Lines are also said to be able to take information or energy from these higher vibrational points and carry them around the world, spreading knowledge and wisdom to all inhabitants.

These intersecting points along the Ley Lines are also coincidentally home to some of the most sacred temples and monuments in the world including the Egyptian Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and Angkor Wat.

When you look into advanced civilisations like the Ancient Egyptians, it is clear that they seemed to understand the energy and power of Ley Lines.

In fact, most ancient cultures around the world seem to have some understanding of Ley Lines. In China they are known as Dragon Lines. In South America the Shaman’s referred to them as Spirit Lines, in Australia the ancient Aboriginals called them Dream Lines and in the west, they are referred to as Ley Lines.

What is also interesting to note is that where the Ley Lines intersect and meet, they also align perfectly with astrological constellations.

If you think of these Ley Lines as Mother Earth’s energy currents, you will begin to see how it is possible that Mother Earth also has energy centres or chakras.

Earths chakra points are significant because they reflect the collective energy of our own chakra points.

As we heal and raise our own frequency /vibration, we, in turn, raise the frequency/ vibration of Mother Earth.

There are differing opinions on the exact locations of these chakra points. Since the human body has over 100 chakras, major and minor, it only makes sense that Mother Earth would have the same.

You will be attracted to certain locations at different points in your life, depending on the vibrations necessary for your evolution.

It is always possible for you to tune into these vibrations from afar.

They exist within you because you are made from Mother Earth.

Look at the photo images of these locations and meditate on them, visualize their vibrations balancing your own chakras, and if you feel called, strongly pulled energetically and intuitively to visit and or all of these locations, trust your feelings and intuition, go for it, and discover what resonates for you!

It is believed that these are the Chakra’s of Mother Earth:-

Root Chakra, Earth Chakra, Mount Shasta, California.

The first earth chakra is the Root Chakra and is found at Mount Shasta California.

This chakra symbolized RA, the root of life, the root of fire, the root of all Life Force Energy.

It is far more sacred and powerful than anything built by man.

The base of all earths energy system. It is suggested from this powerful mountain that all other life force energy emerges.

“The power of such a mountain is so great and yet so subtle that without compulsion pilgrims are drawn to the mountain from near and far, as if by the force of some invisible magnet, and they will undergo untold hardships and privations in their inexplicable urge to approach and worship the sacred spot. Nobody has conferred the title of sacredness upon such a mountain: by virtue of its own magnetic and psychic emanations the mountain is intuitively recognized to be sacred. It needs no organizer of its worship: innately each of its devotees feels the urge to pay it reverence” Lama Anagarki Govinda

Mount Shasta is a sacred mountain, lour ancestors knew of the benefits of such sacred sites, the benefits of connecting to the divine energy that is available and pilgrimage to this sacred mountain continues to this day.

Muladhara, the Root chakra, is exactly how it sounds - located in the lower base of the spine, this is what roots a person, essentially, to the earth and themselves. In a physical form, Mount Shasta has been said to embody everything about this process of grounding.

It was long believed by Native American tribes that this dormant volcano had healing powers and a spiritual nature about it, one which can be felt when close to it.

To make it more serious, many have heeded to the call of this mysterious mountain.

The community living nearby Mt. Shasta has coined this mountain as the place where Heaven and Earth meet. Upon arriving, you can feel the divine energy that this sacred site emanates.

Legend says that Mt Shasta was formed upon an ancient city of advanced beings from the lost continent of Lemuria. In the framework of this legend, Mt Shasta acts as a portal to the Lemurian civilization and other higher beings.

Mt. Shasta is part of the Cascade Mountain Range which runs from Northern California into Oregon and all the way up to the Canadian border. Mt. Shasta is believed to be one of the most electrically charged mountains but the whole area is also buzzing with energy.

Sacral Chakra, Lake Titicaca South America.

The second earth chakra is the Sacral Chakra and is found at Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Bolivia, the energy extends to cover Machu Picchu, South America.

This chakra symbolizes the creation of species, the creation of new life, evolution. It is from this powerful lake that all life forms, the energy for birth and creation.

Here you can experience a shift in consciousness, a deeper connection to mother earth, connect to the children of the sun.

The Titicaca Stone is the geometrical center for the Solar Plexus Chakra of Mother Earth.

The surrounding area of Machu Picchu, Cuzco and Iquitos are also believed to have a very high energy. Two Ley lines intersect at Lake Titicaca, these include the Male Great Dragon Ley Line which runs from Mt. Shasta to Lake Titicaca and the Female Great Dragon Ley line.

This lake borders Peru and Bolivia and it is said to be the earth chakra Svadhishthana.

Lake Titicaca is the biggest lake in South America and is also the most highly navigable, allowing many to boat through its waters with minimal resistance.

It is believed that this lake has a place in mythology and may have even been the birthplace of mythological royalty. The lake itself is said to emit qualities that are both feminine and masculine, being the core for creativity and self-expression as the Sacral chakra.

Solar Plexus, Earth Chakra. Uluru, Kata Tijuta, Northern Territory, Australia.

The third earth chakra is the Solar Plexus - Uluru, Kata Tijuta, (Ayers Rock) Northern Territory, Australia, Australia twin sites, vitality of earth and species, rainbow serpent thanksgiving for all we have.

Connect to the energy of Uluru, Kata Tijuta (Ayers Rock) in dreamtime, you can communicate and receive blessings.

Known as Manipura, the Solar Plexus earth chakra is believed to be in Uluru which is already believed to be incredibly sacred.

It's also a World Heritage Site which is part of the reason why it attracts so many visitors’ year after year, but many people believe that it's for another reason.

Uluru is said to have great energy that can be re-energizing and help a person reach their higher self, and it's possible that those who visit have picked up on this, as well.

The history of Uluru is carved into its rock face and with 600 million years behind it, it's easy to believe there's sacred power in this area of Australia.

Uluru/Ayers Rock is the place of beginning. The native Aboriginals believe this rock to be a living thing – a thing that their ancestors built after they were born into this realm.

Uluru Rock radiates a deep red color, reminding us of where we come from and connecting us to humanity and everything beyond.

Uluru and an area called Kata Tjuta is believed to be the Solar Plexus charka of the earth.

These areas are still considered sacred to the native Aboriginals today. The Female Great Dragon Ley Line connects both Lake Titicaca and Uluru.

Heart Chakra, Earth Chakra, Glastonbury & Shaftsbury, England.

The fourth earth chakra is the Heart Chakra and is found at Glastonbury, England.

The rainbow serpent sweeps through Glastonbury and Avebury carrying the holy grail across the world.

This is where we can open our hearts and hope to heal the world. The vortex stretches for many miles. Sends out love to all.

Connecting to the energy of Glastonbury Tor, the meeting place of the St. Michael and Mary Magdalene ley lines, will bring an overwhelming sense of love and togetherness.

Receive the loving embrace of Mother Earth.

Anahata is the Heart chakra and Stonehenge, Glastonbury, and Shaftesbury, are believed to be its corresponding locations on earth.

Stonehenge has had a history of being almost mythical in its mysterious history, so it's not all that surprising that it's associated with a place of compassion and healing. It's here that's said to correspond with forgiveness and giving, two traits that Anahata is responsible for.

Stonehenge as well as the surrounding areas of Glastonbury, Somerset, Shaftesbury and Dorset all form the heart chakra of Mother Earth.

Where Stonehenge is constructed is the strongest point of all of this energy.

Glastonbury and its surrounding area are quickly becoming a centre of communication for the world. Currently, this communication manifests as crop circles, which are communication symbols that share hidden messages. Crop Circles are said to be created by extra-terrestrial life and they are designed for humans to decipher and learn from.

Throat Chakra, Earth Chakra, The Great Pyramids between Mount Sinai, and Mount of Olives.

Listen to needs, the earths voice.

Connect to Mount Sinai to gain knowledge and understanding and to be able to voice your opinions.

The throat chakra of Mother Earth includes the area of the Great Pyramid, Mt Sinai and the Mount of Olives which is located in Jerusalem.

The throat chakra is one of the largest energy centres of Mother Earth, which indicates its importance at this particular time in our history.

It is also the only energy centre that is not connected to the Male or Female Great Dragon Ley Line.

Third Eye, Earth Chakra – No fixed location as it moves - Western Europe and Presently permanently located Stonehenge.

The sixth earth chakra is the Third Eye Chakra known as Ajna, wisdom of life on earth, collective advancement of consciousness, aligns with astrological sequences, a connection to all that is and all that is to come!

It is interesting because there is no fixed location for it.

During this aeon - which happens every 2,160 years - it's said to also be in Stonehenge where Anahata is permanently located.

While this will change in centuries, the alignment is according to the new age, usually corresponding with another chakra's location.

More commonly known as the sixth sense, Anja is the Third Eye Chakra and is associated with the colour indigo.

Hard to peg down, the third eye moves with the earth’s rotation westward every zodiac cycle and is currently hovering somewhere around western Europe.

Opening portals, seeing beyond, or just giving you that general heebie-jeebie Déjà vu vibe, you can thank Anja for an increase in psychic abilities.

Crown Chakra, Earth Chakra, Mount Kalaish, Himalaya, Tibet.

The seventh earth chakra is the Crown Chakra and is found at Mount Kalaish, Himalayan Mountains, Tibet. Broadcast the worlds’ purpose of true will, connects earth with its spiritual destiny, connects you as a human to divine will. Praise of the sacred.

A connection to your spiritual destiny and true-life purpose!

Also known as the 'stairway to heaven,' the Crown chakra, Sahasrara, can be found on Mount Kailash.

The Himalayas have long been believed to hold their own powers and, for some, it's not just due to their humbling nature as they tower over the rest of the earth.

This chakra is associated with knowledge and wisdom, as well as universal consciousness, so it's perfectly fitting that it would be located in this area.

Mt. Kalaish is the ultimate pilgrimage site on Earth. At least 4 religions, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Tibetans travel around the mountain in complete devotion to their beliefs.

The 32-mile journey is both physically and mentally demanding but circumambulating Mt. Kalaish is said to bring forth a connection to your inner higher guidance.

Even just witnessing Mt. Kalaish from afar is sacred in itself!

Mt. Kailas is considered to be the most sacred mountain of the Himalayas and is located in Tibet. This is the Crown Chakra of Mother Earth and is believed to be connected to the Scorpio Full Moon.

In fact, many locals harness the energy of Mt. Kailas on the night of the Scorpio Full Moon, which typically happens once a year in April or May.

For Mother Earth, this Full Moon marks the start of a new evolution and a new cycle of energy, as Scorpio is connected to the idea of death and rebirth.

Even though these 7 chakras have a very high energy, there are also other high points of energy around the world where the Ley Lines travel.

These include-

· Bermuda Triangle

· Karachi, Pakistan

· Devil’s Sea Triangle (Japan)

· Mount Fuji, Japan

· Maui, Hawaii

· Sedona, Arizona

· Lake Louise, Canada

· Findhorn, Scotland

· Kiev, Ukraine

· Bali, Indonesia

· Easter Island

· Angkor Wat, Cambodia

· Sarawak, Borneo

· Gabon (West Africa)

· Capetown, South Africa

· Lake Taupo, New Zealand


And there are probably many more!

Coinciding with places that have been worshiped for centuries, in more recent times the Earth’s Chakra energy points have become places of pilgrimage for those wishing to ‘tune-in’ to their higher powers.

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