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My journey along the "Path of Wisdom"

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

My journey of self discovery began in 1985 after a very tragic incident occurred in my life. I needed to find answers and to know why I had attracted this event in my life. This was a major turning point for me that ultimately changed the direction of my life. Many great teachers from that time forward came onto my pathway to help me to rediscover who I am. The decision to change had empowered me to seek my truth.. Everyone's truth is their own.. I up until then had lived other peoples truth and had been propelled into their reality, and unfortunately these realities were not very good at all. I had learned the hard way, and I really wanted my life back, and I was prepared to do whatever it took to do so. So this is where it all began, its a very humble but uniquely profound true story. I am happy to share some of it with it you, in the hope that I may encourage and inspire others to seek and find their own answers to guide them along their pathway of healing, and ultimately to experience their true peace from within. I don't know it all, and would never say that I do. "KNOW THYSELF" get to know the most wonderful person that you will ever encounter in this lifetime - YOU!! I really don't think anyone knows all the answers, and I love that, it makes our purpose and life here on Earth so much deeper and richer, yet I can and will share some small part of my journey with you now. A good friend of mine was learning self defense and one day when I called in to see how she was going she introduced me to a young martial artist, who at the time was defining his journey along the martial arts pathway. I was in a pretty bad way at this stage of my life emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, and he noticed this and also that I was very out of balance, inwardly and outwardly, and offered to assist me to regain that balance by way of training with me using various martial arts training techniques, and general physical training. We met every Saturday at my friends parents home in their garage, and each week new ground was being broken and I was getting stronger and more balanced as time went on. I was deeply committed and determined to break through the past challenges and ultimately to overcome them. My martial arts teacher also invited me to come along and join him at a Zen Do Kai grading day in Viewbank. I was so excited and somehow I knew that this was to be the beginning of the next stage of my development and training. I had kept asking him if I could come to his Dojo (dōjō 道場 is a Japanese term which literally means "place of the way" hall, sacred space place for immersive martial arts learning) and train with the rest of his students, and he had up until this time said no, that I was not ready to go into the Dojo. The reason being was I needed to get used to being around groups of masculine energy, due to being a victim of an horrendous gang rape in my mid teens, that I had deeply suppressed and blocked for over two decades!! I also needed to come to terms with knives again as I had lost my dear fiance/soul mate in my late twenties due to tragic circumstances (He had been killed in a frenzied knife attack). Wow, it was certainly time for me to grow. That’s for sure in all aspects. How was I ever to know that this journey that I had embarked upon would totally transform my life in a very profound and positive way, and has continued to do so. This had been the next stepping stone for me along "The Path of Wisdom".

"The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with the First Step" is the inscription on my first grading certificate, from white belt to blue. Now, that's a long, long time ago. I was 33 years old when I was first introduced to my life's pathway of martial arts and energy healing. So it's never too late to start, I say - "The End Is Always the Beginning" - So just to begin is a hard but very positive step. Well, then came the time for me to join in with Sensei's class of students, he had finally invited me to come along. Yay!! I was ready!

So every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm we arrived at the Whitefriars Catholic Boys College Gymnasium - our Dojo (Discipline Dojos) to train and learn our chosen Martial Art, Zen Do Kai. The journey was a special one for sure, fantastic people, heaps of insights, challenges, excellent camps, awesome training days and evenings, and fulfilling grading’s and a lot of sweat and the odd tear or two. Great instructors/teachers, the most incredible blend of people I have ever encountered in one group, or organization. I certainly was among many old and new souls/masters, who were here to share their skills, knowledge and insights that's for sure. It was kind of eerie because we were like really old soul friends who had met up and found one another again. I really felt like I belonged there, and I suppose when I think about it we were sharing the same pathway of mastering the self. The greatest aspect about the martial arts world was that everyone helped each other to raise themselves to their next level and everyone wanted their peers and fellow students/ teachers/instructors to rise to the next level. True edification and education and empowerment in action! I recall when I first stepped onto the grading floor and watched the higher ranks who were taking the grading and I remember it well. I said to myself I am going to be there on that side of the grading floor, I know I will be, and I can do it and I will enjoy the journey and do whatever it takes, to train hard, learn, practice and visualize myself there wearing my Black Gi (Karategi 空手着 or 空手衣 is the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform used for Karate practice and competition) and ultimately achieve my dream of attaining the coveted black belt”. My training was always hard, and some nights I didn’t really want to go, but I persevered and found that when I had arrived the lessons of the evening were perfect for me to grow, to learn and to succeed, as each new belt level was attained. These levels were all very significant stages of my development, both inwardly and outwardly. mentally, physically and spiritually. And at the changing of each belt level I had positively changed for the better, both inwardly and outwardly. For example the level of brown belt was awesome, and ironically tougher than my black belt. And the inscription on that grading certificate read as follows:- When you see a worthy person emulate them, when you see an unworthy person look to your inner self - a very important stage of my development trusting that everything I viewed was a mirror reflection of who I am. Everyone was somehow mirroring many facets of my self. I had reached the level of brown belt, and it was while I was preparing for my black belt that my healing gifts came to me. One day I started to notice that my hands were pulsating and they felt really different, my blisters that I received through vigorous training seem to disappear overnight!!! Then one day at a tournament where I had been corner judging, one of my instructors was injured while competing in a tournament bout, he was carried off the dojo floor by a group of high ranking instructors, and as he passed by me I grabbed hold of one of his ankle's, my hand was instantly red hot, and my ankle began to hurt too. This was the day I began to use my gift of laying on of hands for healing and embarking on what is still the most amazing journey anyone can ever undertake. The journey of the self - "KNOW THYSELF" - all you ever wish to know is within you, the keys are all there. The Master Key resides in the Heart, there you will discover your mission and reason for being born here on Earth.

Energy Healing techniques and processes that I have studied along the way with great master teachers in their chosen fields are as follows:-​

  • Reiki 1,2, Master's Level Certification Healer - Master Teacher Bruce Way

  • Certificate Of Ki Force Energy Healing -The late Master /Healer /Teacher Ron Urquhart

  • EM - Energy Movement - Lifetime Accreditation -The late Master /Healer /Teacher Ron Urquhart

  • Certificate Of Remedial Massage -The Raynor Technique, Brandon Raynor's School Of Natural Therapies

It is my intention to give back universally the gift of healing to others who wish to learn, practice and expand their awareness in this really wonderful realm of healing and self discovery. To bring back the balance to all aspects of your life and to contribute in a most positive way to the common good and ultimately creating a better peaceful life on earth for yourselves and for others. I applaud those who choose to empower their lives by allowing me to share well-being, energy, healing therapies and solutions with them. Love, Light, Peace and Happiness always, Jeannette Andrea Jackson

BJC 25th Anniversary Grading - Zen Do Kai Freestyle Martial Arts - Jeannette Andrea Jackson's Black Belt Grading 1995. I enjoyed the journey to get to this destination which in itself starts a new beginning at the end.. The end is always the beginning..

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