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Reiki ~ What is Reiki?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Reiki is a Japanese ancient traditional form of subtle energy hands on healing that also promotes stress reduction and chakra subtle energy balancing.

The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese characters.

The word "Rei" (pronounced ray) is the upper character and refers to the higher power or universal life energy, spiritual consciousness and all-knowing, and the word "Ki" (pronounced kee) which is the lower character refers to Breath, life-force and vital radiant energy.

The life force is a subtle energy that surrounds and flows through ALL living things.

The following diagrams show important aspects of the subtle energy field that surrounds and flows through a human being.

The outer layer is the Aura (Auric Field)

The seven colored wheels are the Chakra Centers.

The lines represent Acupuncture Meridians.

When your life force is low you are more likely to feel weak and be very susceptible to illness and dis-ease. When your life force is strong you will feel strong and it will be easier for your body to heal and you will remain healthy.

Reiki energy is healing energy that is guided by the universal mind and has it's own intelligence and because of this it knows exactly how and where it is needed to heal

A Reiki treatment not only increases your supply of life force energy it also repairs and balances your subtle energy field thus helping you to heal and to remain balanced and strong.

Reiki is administered by laying on hands above and on the body.

A complete treatment generally involves hand placements starting with the eyes, the temples, the back of the head, the throat and shoulders area, the heart and stomach area continuing down the body and ending with the feet.

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through you and surrounds you.

A Reiki treatment creates many beneficial effects including relaxation, feelings of peace, security and well-being. Many recipients have at times experienced miraculous healing results.

What Health Problems Can Reiki Be Helpful With?

Reiki is used for relaxation and stress relief as well as to relieve chronic pain, side effects from medications and medical treatments, and to improve overall health and well-being.

The technique is increasingly being offered in U.S. medical settings, and it’s estimated that over 800 U.S. hospitals now offer Reiki as part of their services.​

Research into Reiki can be difficult to rely on, as a system known as The Touchstone Process -- developed as an ongoing process to systematically analyze published, peer-reviewed studies of Reiki -- found in an analysis of 26 Reiki articles that only 12 were “based on a robust experimental design and utilized well-established outcome parameters.” Of them, “two provided no support, five provided some support, and five demonstrated strong evidence for the use of Reiki as a healing modality.”

Researchers concluded there is “a need for further high-quality studies in this area.” A separate study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine concluded “The serious methodological and reporting limitations of limited existing Reiki studies preclude a definitive conclusion on its effectiveness. High-quality randomized controlled trials are needed to address the effectiveness of Reiki over placebo.”

Still, to date there have been some intriguing studies published that have demonstrated Reiki’s potential healing effects, including: Pain and Anxiety Relief Following Surgery: Women who received three 30-minute sessions of Reiki along with traditional nursing care after abdominal hysterectomy reported less pain and anxiety and requested fewer pain medications than those who received only nursing care. Improvements in Pain, Depression and Anxiety in Older Adults: Older community-dwelling adults who received a 30-minute Reiki session once a week for eight weeks reported significant decreases in depression, anxiety and pain compared to those who received no treatment. Management of Cancer-Related Pain: In a study of advanced cancer patients, those who received Reiki in addition to pain medication experienced improvements in pain control and quality of life. Significant Reduction in Pain from a Variety of Causes, including Cancer: In a study of 20 people experiencing pain at 55 locations for a variety of reasons, including cancer, Reiki treatment resulted in a highly significant reduction in pain. Easing Anxiety in Prostate Cancer Patients: A pilot study found that Reiki therapy may help reduce anxiety in men being treated with external beam radiotherapy for prostate cancer. Reduction of Pain and Anxiety During Colonoscopy: A pilot study suggested that Reiki therapy may reduce pain and anxiety, along with the need for pain medication, during colonoscopy.