​​​​​​​​About Vision Interaction..​

 "Vision Interaction"

Founded in 1994 by Jeannette Andrea Jackson.
Vision Interaction Reiki, Massage and Wellbeing Solutions is committed to providing cutting edge, authentic and ethical complimentary alternative health and well-being solutions, products, services and care to individuals and organizations.
Vision Interaction Reiki, Massage and Wellbeing Solutions maintains a focus on physical, mental, spiritual and energetic wellbeing and assisting in the realization of the fully actualized human potential.

 "Vision" & "Intention"
“In order to create an environment that is conductive to Peace and Harmony we all need to establish within ourselves the capacity to be fully whole and present and in order to do so we should focus not only on ourselves but assist our fellow brothers and sisters along the way and do whatever it takes with love to release and heal the burdens of the past that we all carry within us and to imagine and consciously create a better world for everyone and our future generations”
"To be of supreme universal world service, for peace and assistance to humanity and planet earth"

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“An intention synchronistically organizes its own fulfillment.”
― Deepak Chopra