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 Service Fees and Contact.. 


Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity ~ Goeth

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45 minutes  $65.00

Standard Massage Therapy appointment usually for ongoing maintenance massage

60 minutes $95.00

Standard Therapeutic Remedial Massage appointment

75 minutes $115.00

Includes initial consultation along with massage treatment

90 minutes $125.00

Extended Duration Standard Therapeutic Remedial Massage Therapy

120 minutes $160.00

Lengthy extended allocated time for Therapeutic Remedial  Massage Therapy  Note: this appointment length booking will be approved only by practitioner's discretion, then if approved will be confirmed.



Calms the Mind - Empowers the soul 

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Reiki Healing Session

60 - 90 minutes​ approx. per session $85.00

Standard Reiki treatment sessions are usually 60 minutes but sometimes appointment time frames might extend over that set time, please make allowance for this time of up to 15 minutes or sometimes more depending on your individual need for grounding and integration time after treatment concludes.


Online payments for appointments if required are available through PayPal or Bank Transfer

Note: Online Pre-Payment is optional and you are quite welcome to pay by cash on the day of your appointment. There are no payment plans available at this stage..

Thank you, yours in health and well-being and abundant Blessings, Jeannette Andrea Jackson

Contact ~ Appointments, Enquiries, & Messages

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Please send your appointment enquiries or if you have any questions or other inquiries through to me and I will return your message with your appointment confirmation, answers to questions or information that you are seeking.

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Phone Contact...


​​​​​​​​​​Vision Interaction Mobile ~ 0449 621 063

Center Business Hours

Center Business Hours Are:

Sat & Sun 11.00 am to 4.00 pm​​​​​​​​​​​​

Note: Please note that I am presently on university study leave and as such I am not available for appointments on weekdays. I will update once that changes... Thank you!


Yours in health and well-being

Jeannette Andrea Jackson​​​​​​​​​​​​

General Service Policies ~ Ethics & Etiquette

We ask that you arrive 5-10 mins prior to your first appointment so that you can unwind and fill out the required consultation forms.

Please be advised if you do arrive late for your appointment we may need to reduce your treatment time as we have other clients to consider.

Please be mindful when you have booked your Reiki / Massage well-being session that for 24 hours prior to the session if you could please limit / refrain from the use of alcohol / recreation drugs (if applicable of course) this isn't mandatory but will definitely ensure the optimum health benefits gained from your session.

Cancellation Policy:

A 24 hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment so please email me as soon as possible at or by mobile on 0449 621 063

Payment of Fees:

Payments/fees are due to be paid directly at completion of session/appointment or beforehand if preferred by using the online pay pal facility or a bank transfer option. We accept cash or you can pay online using your credit card or debit card prior to your appointment using the online PayPal payment facility. Please leave a description of the payment made so as I know what the payment was for. EG: Payment For Reiki Appt / Payment For Massage Appt

Appointment enquiries are available through the contact submission field on this page:

Appointment enquiries will be confirmed on receipt within 24 hours.

Gift Vouchers & Special Promotions Policies:

All of the clinics services are available to be purchased as a gift voucher. Our packaged treatments must be redeemed as one appointment and cannot be split as they are sold at a discounted rate. All vouchers are to be redeemed before the expiry date and are not refundable.

Healing Centre Etiquette:

For treatments such as massage, it may be appropriate for clients to remove some articles of clothing. In the case of massage, clients will be appropriately covered with draped towels and  I am trained to drape you to protect your privacy at all times. Underwear is required for all massage treatments.

Please note:

Both the Client's and the Practitioner's Privacy is to be respected and inappropriate behaviour's and or conduct by either is not encouraged, tolerated or allowed.

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"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship" ~ Buddha


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