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Heartfelt testimonials that have been provided by several of my happy and fulfilled clients with whom I have made a difference in their lives by assisting them with their personal individual holistic healing, health and well-being needs.

Jeannette came to me as a client in the salon. We got talking about her work and she recommended I give it a try. At that point I had no clue how much it would affect me.

When I first saw Jeannette I was the lowest I have ever been. At the age of four I was abandoned by my father, and then at the age of 14 I was raped. I had been carrying these traumas for years and they were falling so heavy on me.

I had depression and anxiety and all sorts of fears and trust issues and had developed
endometriosis (a gynaecological condition that causes a lot of pain and in some cases infertility and requires operations to remove the cysts) and at the age of 22 I had my first surgery.

Looking back I believe the disease was a result of the rape. After treatment sessions with Jeannette I have never felt better. My anxiety is gone, I feel centered and whole and my
endometriosis pain has lessened.

I am working through my trust issues and although the path of healing is not an overnight thing,  I am on the right track.

They say sometimes Angels walk the earth. Jeannette for me is an Angel who helped me to forgive and heal.

Rachel 25 years old

I started out and I was feeling down and out and I had heard that Massage was good for you and while I was out shopping at Greensborough Shopping Center I picked up a copy of a free publication called The "LIVING NOW" Magazine, and just at random picked a Practitioner - (Jeannette Jackson of Vision Interaction) and gave her a call and made an appointment to see her.

After the first session I felt fantastic, really light and relaxed. Jeannette has been my healing practitioner for over three years now and during this time I have experience many positive changes in all aspects of my life. My work has improved, my family life has improved and I would recommend Jeannette to anyone who desires to reclaim their total well-being.

It's fantastic to feel so good!!! I am continuing to maintain my well-being with Massage and Reiki and I look forward to attending Jeannette's Well-Being Sessions. 

Mr E. M. ~ Self Employed Tradesman
I've found that a healing session with Jeannette is restorative, comfortable and relaxing.  Being in her care is a soothing experience, as you become aware of the depth of her expertise and innate sense of caring.  During my treatment I felt safe, protected and reassured. I realised that I was in the hands of a gifted and attuned healer, who delivers an intuitive assessment and treatment through her healing expertise.  I have freely provided my endorsement in the spirit of encouraging others to enjoy the healing experience that Jeannette provides.

Beverley ~ Executive Assistant
When I first considered Reiki I was in a place of need..I was feeling a bit low and in a "rut". I am a hopeful person so this was an unnatural state for me aswell as an unhappy one. I had just separated from a partnership which I knew could not and should not be sustained but felt disappointed all the same. I was considering my place in the world and the "Bigger Picture" of life ie: what is our true purpose and what are the important things? All my instincts told me that the spiritual aspects of life are what really matters. 

I saw an advertisement in the Women's Financial Network Newsletter re Jeannette's Reiki  and I decided I would give her a call and if she had a kind voice I would go and see her..but if I felt she didn't then I would terminate the call. Well, she did have a kind voice. Jeannette is a kind woman who believes and promotes the spiritual.

I don't have an understanding of how Reiki works, but I believe it is channeled energy from the universe and Jeannette is the Channeler. The energy which is directed into the body is helpful and healing and assists the body to heal itself on all sorts of levels, not just the physical. It is a calm and peaceful and loving process. It is also a process of Faith. You need to have an open heart and mind for it to do it's good work. This seemed unsurprising to me as all the really crucial things in life are acts of faith. 

My last Reiki session was just before an operation. I was about to undertake "a hysterectomy", I was frightened in the basic level.

The Reiki helped soothe my fears, and I also recevied a message that a woman I knew who had "passed on" recently would keep an eye on me. I knew this was valid and it did comfort me. Reiki is good stuff and Jeannette is an excellent practitioner. Please consider it. With Love Kay :-) 

Kaye Wright ~ Administration Assistant
First time Reiki


Joy R says: 

I had been recommended to experience Reiki and I did not know what to expect. I must say I was definitely shown the path that led to my meeting Jeanette.
I wish to say thank you for your healing, the release and peace that came to me during and after has lifted many burdens I had been carrying along with me.

Thank you for your wisdom.

Happiness always.. Joy


Had no idea what to expect..Have known Jeanette for about 40 years..


Have never experienced anything like this..know Jeanette is spiritual and to be honest didnt think this would help me..


Didn't tell Jeanette about the constant pain in my shoulder as i have lived with it for so long..also daily take pain medication for headaches..


Monday morning - no pain in my shoulder and have not taken a headache medication for the past 3 days..was taking at least 8 tablets a day..


Absolutely amazing..

Jan B.

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“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it" ~ Buddha
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