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"Reiki and Chiropractic care - A synergetic approach"

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

I am at present personally receiving Chiropractic care to assist with my partially torn shoulder rotator cuff which was due to landing hard on my left side and my left arm was up and out as to protect me when I experienced a very bad fall in January.

The pain sort of creeped up on me and then it became really hard to lift my left arm up above my shoulder or to reach around to the back of myself when getting dressed and doing everyday tasks with the left arm and when I tried to do so the pain was horrendous.. and to those who truly know me know that I rarely take any pain killers so to I was and am still performing a reiki self healing at night time before going to bed and trying to get to sleep as the pain was worse at night.

As always Reiki worked it's healing magic and really assisted in helping me get to sleep whilst assisting with my pain issues.. and as I usually sleep on my left side having to change to sleeping on my back and on the right side was a challenge at first but I am getting used to it..

As I had not been to receive Chiropractic care since the 80's 6 years after I had broken my fall backwards half way down a concrete linoleum covered stair case by levering myself back up with my left hand up on the bannister and landing hard down on my knees..

If I hadn't of done that I would have broken my neck/back or have been killed for sure and not be here today.. and I still can't fathom how I did it.. my inner survival strength is still and was so so so strong.. and my left side isn't my strong side, my right side is.. so go figure!

Anyway I ended up at the Chiro 6 years after that happened suffering from really awful headaches, and I also couldn't sit down for long due to sciatica on my left hand side and I was feeling really disorientated and dizzy at times.. and my brother recommended I go to his Chiro and so I did.

He took x-rays and both he and I were really shocked to see that my spine was badly curved to the left and my pelvis was way out of alignment like hard left downwards and hard right upwards and he asked if I had experienced a fall at all? So I had to have a think at first then I told him I did but it was about 6 years previously anyway after 5 treatments with him all was great and I never looked back!

I did though needed to work through using "Stairs" issues that were the result of that fall.. but I eventually did using self hypnosis, anyway that's another personal story on it's own!

So I am really happy with how things are going this time around with this course of Chiropractic care and so glad I decided to give it a go again and my Chiro also recommended I get myself a far infrared heated shoulder brace and so I did.. and look forward to when it arrives to use it.

"Heating Shoulder Brace Compression"

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So when I received this great article regarding "Reiki and Chiropractic care" from the Reiki Healing Association it was great timing!

(click on image above to take you to the article)

Yours in holistic healing, health and wellbeing.. Jeannette Andrea Jackson / Vision Interaction

"As both reiki and chiropractic care involve moving energy that is stuck or not flowing properly in a person, combining these healing modalities can provide deep healing on both the physical and emotional levels

This synergetic approach allows us to go beyond the physical and address the emotional root of tension in the body"

"Reiki and Chiropractic: Similarities & Differences

Although Reiki and chiropractic may seem like very unique practices, there are many similarities between these modalities which we can harness to provide deeper healing sessions.

Similarities between Reiki and chiropractic:

Just as Reiki is energy medicine, so is chiropractic.

Each is a method of introducing energy into a person’s body that will reorient and amplify the subject’s energy.

Each is a healing modality.

Each can transcend the conscious mind in order to access the subconscious where change happens more quickly.

Each modality seeks to address the areas of greatest tension or pain.

Each can be performed on a one-to-one basis.

There are a couple of major differences between the two modalities:

Reiki typically involves no touching, whereas chiropractic is usually quite a hands on experience.

Reiki transmits energy through the auric field, while chiropractic uses the nervous system as a vehicle for transmission."

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